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The desire to positively impact others has always been at the core of what I do and I wanted to see how I could broaden that impact.  Combining my years of experience as a therapist with my previous business and management experience, I formed G2 Solutions with my business partner.


   G2 Solutions helps business leaders who may be overwhelmed with the challenge of nurturing their company.  I use the same strengths based approach in my consulting businesses as I do when working in my private practice.


SERVICES: G2 Solutions offers a range of services for Individuals, Teams and Companies including executive coaching,

full company operational assessment, management team development, organizational systems enhancements

and more. Speaking to groups in keynote, presentation or workshop format is an additional way we serve the

business community. 

PHILOSOPHY: We attribute our success to two key philosophies about organizational change:
A Strengths-Based Approach and Value Driven Leadership.
Strengths Based Approach:  We look for ways to fortify existing strengths and use them as a foundation from which to build upon.
Value Driven Leadership:  At the core of positive change, is a clear leadership strategy. We believe successful companies lead from their values... to their vision... through their mission. 

PROCESS: Working with G2 Solutions begins with a thorough assessment so that subsequent strength building can be

tailored to the company’s needs. G2 Solutions works with companies to implement these plans in a thoughtful and

systematic way, equipping companies to respond effectively to changing business conditions and building a culture that celebrates the company's unique strengths.



G2 Solutions helps successful, but overwhelmed business leaders apply new perspectives and solutions to achieve smooth running companies and balanced lives.

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