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  • Susan Galvin

Fact or Fiction

Updated: Jun 24, 2020


Hope you are enjoying the Memorial Day weekend. Normally this is a break we all look forward to as school ends and summer begins, but I think all of us are feeling like time is blending and this is just another weekend.

Communication with our family and friends can be a little tricky these days. People have differing views of the opening up of the state. One persons fact can be another persons fiction. With all of the different news outlets it can even be hard to formulate a stable opinion.

In the days to come, as we come into contact with people who have opinions that are different than ours here are some tips to keep things positive.

Use the Golden Rule: Treat the person you're talking to the way you would want to be treated. Treat the other person as an equal and be open to listening to their viewpoint.

Ask Questions: A conversation can't occur if both sides are lecturing. The amount of fear someone is experiencing can impact how information is processed so two people listening to the same news can form different opinions. Asking questions shows respect and can move the conversation forward.

Consider the Context of the Situation: Is this a conversation worth having? Avoiding a conversation may be more respectful to the long term health of a relationship, then trying to prove that your view should prevail. Also take into consideration your own mood and stress levels. These can impact how you come across and respond.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind: When we get to the other side of this, we want to assure that our relationships continue to flourish. Think about the importance of nurturing relationships while also holding true to your views.

Here are some communication missteps that will have you smiling:

Moving through this together. Stay Safe.

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