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  • Susan Galvin

The Daily Quarantine Questions


Hope this finds you well as we all adjust to the Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order that was issued this week. It is nice that the weather cooperated and it has been a lovely week, which can help us all get outside and get some fresh air.

We are all having to develop a new rhythm to our lives and that can provide new opportunities. It can also be tiring. You may have the opportunity to do things that you felt that you didn't have time to do before. I am cleaning out every closet ( I know that does not sound exciting, but I am finding it satisfying. Very controllable, right?). I was also given a ukulele years ago and I am going to attempt to learn to play it.

It can also have an exhaustion factor. Our brains are having to rework how we do life all day long.

Even though we know we can adapt. Adaption takes energy. So don't be surprised if you find yourself more tired or have feelings of 'blah' as we go through this time.

I wanted to share some resources that I hope can help turn the 'blah' to 'awe':

Music: Together at Home is a virtual concert series : #TogetherAtHome — Take Action to Beat Coronavirus

Meditation: A lot of what can fuel the blahs is that our brains can spin on things that are not in our control. Meditation is a great practice to help stop the spin. Here are a couple of apps that can be helpful Insight Timer and Headspace (Headspace costs money beyond the introductory sessions. It can be a good way to start if you have never meditated)

Shifting Perspective on Graduations and other Events: I know that a lot of senior high school and college years (and other transitions) have been disrupted. This reflection was sent to me and I thought it had a good message: Their senior year is unique and historical in every way. May they receive this reality and be inspired to make their lives even more memorable and be the ones who can overcome all challenges and inspire new ways to live well and abundantly! Let's make sure to celebrate them!

Checking In on Yourself: Part of establishing new rhythms is creating our own structure. These questions can be a good way to start and structure your day:

And finally, if me attempting to play the ukulele is not a funny enough image, click on the Corona Commuting picture below. I hope it will make you smile.

Moving through this together. Stay well.

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