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  • Susan Galvin

The Silver Lining


Yesterday was the first day of the loosening of quarantine measures in Texas. Some businesses are opening to 25% capacity and the stay at home order has expired. Extra cautionary measures are recommended for people who fall into at risk categories and social distancing is suggested for everyone.

This is a time to practice Acceptance. Every family will be making different decisions based on their particular situations. Every family will be weighing the various benefits and risks. Every family is trying to look out for the best interests of the people they love. Accept that we can all make decisions that may look different, but can serve the greater good.

As we move on to this next phase, there is some trepidation about what the future will bring. Remember to focus on what is directly in front of you and what is controllable. Remember to act in ways that help not only your family, but those in our community. Most of all, continue to focus on the ways that you can show others that this can be a time when the best in all of us can rise to the occasion.

Here are some ways to spread some joy and acceptance:

Some Good News: A show sharing good news in a mock newscast format hosted by the actor John Krasinski. He created this show to help people to get through quarantine. His young daughters contribute the artwork and he reaches out to people to show that we can focus on positive things.

Celebrations in Covid: May and June are traditional times for many different types of celebrations: Here are some creative ideas to help the people in your life celebrate.: 8 Ideas for Celebrating a Birthday in the Time of COVID-19

Simple Acts of Kindness: Closer to home, there are many ways to brighten someone's day in simple ways. See how this HEB employee shows us the way.

Guidelines: If you want to know the specific details of the Governor's Report To Open Texas, the text of the report can be found here.

Moving through this together. Stay Safe.

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