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  • Susan Galvin

The New Normal

Updated: Jun 24, 2020


Hope you are enjoying some sunshine.

The new normal is a phrase that is being thrown around as we start to open up our economy and social lives. Actions such as staggered school days, disposable menus, limited live performances, tracking exposure risk, additional zoom meetings and regularly wearing masks in public are all options that are being considered.

People have very different reactions to these proposals which can make interactions with those around us odd. Some people are shocked that businesses are opening. Others believe we are opening too slowly. And no one knows who is right.

I think a more accurate phrase would be an evolving normal.

It is the nature of containing the virus, that opinions and actions change as new information is gathered. We can't know exactly how the virus will respond and so there is a lot of wait and see. Wait and see if social distancing measures slow the spread. Wait and see for scientific research to discover more about the virus. Wait and see for researchers to develop treatments. Wait and see what happens when cold and flu season returns.

While we are waiting, our frustration can bubble over toward the people in our lives and toward others who have opposing opinions.

Here are some things to remember as we continue to live a life on hold:

  • Find a news source that you trust.

  • Consult it on a regular basis, in small doses. Enough to keep you informed.

  • Listen to others with a compassionate filter. We don't know each others stories. People form their opinions based on information and personal experience. Don't dismiss someones opinion, just as you wouldn't want your opinion dismissed.

  • Respectfully disagree and change topics, if necessary. None of us can truly know what is going to happen. Is pursuing your point worth creating tension with the people around you?

  • Accept that opinions can change as more data is gathered and trends are analyzed.

You can follow the guidance of Steph Curry of the Golden State Warriors. When his young children were having a rough quarantine day, he told them to check their WABA. He said they always had to be aware of their Words, Actions, Behaviors and Attitude. You can see his conversation with an ICU nurse where he explains WABA here.

Here are some other resources that may be helpful as we adapt to our evolving normal:

Zoom calls may continue to be a part of our lives, this article has some helpful information:

Random acts of kindness can help cut tension:

A Texas based good news story is a fun way to start the weekend:

Moving through this together. Stay Safe

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